Our fellowship and family life together

Jesus told us to love one another [John 13:34] and elsewhere in the bible we are described as God’s children [1 John 3:1-23].  At New Covenant Fellowship Church we are a close-knit family of brothers and sisters who love and care for each other.

Home Cells at NCF

We encourage all of our members to be members of a Home Cell group – one of our network of mid-week small groups which meet weekly on a Monday or Tuesday evening.

Here, in a group numbering between 4 and 12, we can share our lives with others who also want to know and love our Lord Jesus better, so that we can become stronger and more effective Christians who can overcome whatever we face in our lives.

A typical evening will include bible study and discussion, a review of the most recent sermon, prayer, sharing our needs and testimonies, and having fun.

Home Cells are really welcoming, and are a safe place for us to build lasting friendships within the church and to practise being in community.  We are known there and we belong.  Home Cells are the first place we go to for pastoral care when we need prayer, help or support.  They are the building blocks of our church.

Let us know if you want to come along to one of our home cell groups by pressing the button below.

Bring and share meals and other lunches

We believe strongly that eating together and table fellowship enhances our family life.  Acts 2:46 tells us of the disciples that, “every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts.”

We meet after the morning church service on the last Sunday of each month for a bring and share meal.  Not only is this a fine time to develop friendships and deepen our fellowship, but it provides a forum to advise church members of what is happening in the church’s life, what big things are coming up, and for discussion on what we hope to do.

We also provide the opportunity every other month for people to go and have lunch in another’s home; some members of our church family offer to host, others sign up to be guests.  This is a great way of getting to know others in the fellowship.

Men, women and families

Our men meet between 8.00 pm and 9.30 pm on the first Monday of each month at the Pastors’ home to study the bible together.  We give an opportunity for anyone who wishes to lead our meetings and develop the skills needed to direct groups in developing knowledge and understanding of the bible.

We also hold a men’s breakfast four times a year, a lovely time of fellowship, of good food, excellent company and a chance to discuss topical issues, sometimes following a brief talk.  Men also meet at our annual weekend conference, Men of Purpose, where a visiting speaker looks at topical issues for men.

Our women meet for an afternoon tea four times a year, again a time for fellowship, sharing and discussion of topical issues.  There is usually a speaker invited to address the meeting, and testimonies are shared.  There are also occasional meetings for women throughout the year with speakers talking on topical issues for women followed by discussion.

Additionally, we hold a couple of family events each year, one of which usually involves a trip to the sea side.